The Team

Certified Event Planner & Designer


Jacqueline is a certified wedding and event planner and an event designer. She loves to help couples or anyone looking to celebrate a special occasion. “It’s not just about how much you know, it’s also about h​ow much you care”. Her business focus is caring and understanding client’s needs in order to deliver a successful event.

Jacqueline sets herself apart from others by focusing on serving her clients with devotion and respect. She truly believes that honesty and consistent high standards can deliver a perfect event every time.

Jacqueline has worked in the hospitality industry for over 10 years; food and beverage, housekeeping and sales and marketing. Whenever she is not working, she is learning about new design ideas, the latest trends and the most popular venues. She loves to travel and learn about different cultures. She has a passion for culinary arts, music and books. Her hobby is crafting. She is also interested in psychology and the beauty industry.  

Floral Designer

Deivisson Machado specializes in floral arrangement design and has 20 years of experience with flowers and compositions. His main goal is to exceed the expectations of all customers, with dedication and innovation, he loves to bring life and color to each event."Every little detail, every combination of colors, every texture and aroma makes a total difference and makes each arrangement unique". Deivisson always pursuit good quality and sophistication for his creations.

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Together, they are able to create, plan and perform "Majestic Occasions" for any type of social event, as they share the same goals, passions and pride for each of their creations. Their work complement each other like  a "perfect marriage".

Finally, Majestic Occasions offers a range of services and special packages for: Weddings, Engagements, Birthday Parties, Graduations, among others.

 It also holds its events in several states like New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It is worth mentioning that the company is open to customized packages and services, since it understands that each client and each event are unique. We speak English, Portuguese and Spanish.